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CBD + THC Gummies, Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Shannon Fletcher on
CBD + THC Gummies, Everything You Need to Know

Until recently, the majority of full spectrum CBD gummies contained only minute amounts of delta-9 THC, the compound responsible for marijuana's high. 

But in the past couple months, there's been a shift. CBD gummies with 2 or even 5mg of THC are hitting the market and are rapidly growing in popularity. For those not overly familiar with THC consumption, that amount is likely to cause a "buzz." This has lead many to question whether or not these THC-enhanced products are actually federally legal. Did cannabis regulations suddenly change?

Are THC Gummies Legal?

The answer to both questions is not found in any recently-passed legislature but in the 2018 Farm Bill, which made growing hemp federally legal in the United States.

According to the Farm Bill, hemp is defined as a cannabis (sativa) plant that contains less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. 

Also according to the Farm Bill, as long as the THC in a given product is less than 0.3% of its net weight, and as long as the cannabinoid-containing extract is indeed derived from hemp, a buzz-inducing CBD + THC gummy isn't illegal. 

This is great news for those looking for a little extra chill from their CBD products, but it's also great for those looking for the additional wellness benefits THC can provide when combined with CBD—known as the entourage effect. 

Indulging in a gummy supplement is a fun way to support your daily wellness while feeling like you're treating yourself! The meteoric rise in popularity of CBD gummies has catapulted cannabis edibles towards the forefront of consumer demands. This surge in popularity has propelled brands to explore offerings with other cannabinoids, including Delta-9 THC. 

CBD + THC gummies are a growing trend among cannabis users. Let's discuss the top delta-9 CBD gummy brands, how delta-9 differs from delta-8 gummies, and why the world is becoming obsessed with CBD + THC gummies!

Why the Demand for CBD + THC Gummies? 

The pandemic saw millions shift their priorities. Health entered the forefront of everybody's minds with rising death tolls and stay-at-home protocols. This extra time to reflect caused millions of people to seek new ways to support their wellness. 

It's becoming increasingly clear that the future of daily regimens is extremely personalized. Long before the pandemic, we were curating playlists to set moods or perfecting our coffee orders. Post-pandemic, we're all looking to take that same control of our health goals.

CBD gummies provide an excellent backdrop for this personalized experience. Not just because gummies are delicious and easy to add to your routine, but because CBD is exceptionally versatile in promoting wellness.

CBD interacts with our bodies much like our natural endocannabinoids. Our bodies produce endocannabinoids in real-time to offset the disruption of homeostasis (balance). This balance is restored when endocannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.

Cannabinoid receptors are present in vital organs, the brain, immune cells, the digestive system, under the skin, and more. That's a lot of ground to cover, especially for our natural endocannabinoids. As a result, millions of people have turned to CBD gummies for this support.

Once homeostasis is restored, then you can tailor your experience to meet your needs. That's where other cannabinoids come into play.

Each cannabinoid has a unique interaction with cannabinoid receptors in your body. These interactions influence our experience. For instance, CBN has been shown to help support restful sleep. That's why we increase CBN levels in OCHW's CBD Softgels with Melatonin + CBN for Sleep.

There are over 100 cannabinoids in hemp. More research needs to be done on most of them. However, THC is the most researched cannabinoid in the world.

Each year, America seems closer and closer to legalizing marijuana. While the 2010s were a landmark decade for cannabis reform, the pandemic seemed to bring a halt to legalization progress.

Through decades of legalization advocacy and years since the 2018 Farm Bill, many CBD gummy manufacturers have become familiar with the nuances in cannabis laws. That's how Delta-8 THC was first allowed to be sold legally. 

Now, brands are able to maximize their THC content without going over the legal limit. This allows users to personalize their experience to meet their needs best. 

Benefits of CBD + THC Gummies

Expect to see more CBD + THC gummies this year—for good reason, as they provide well-rounded support to the body. Here are some reasons CBD + THC gummies might be for you.

Maximum Relaxation

Taking CBD is one of the most calming ways to start or end your day. Increasing THC may only enhance these benefits. THC helps slow down CB1 receptors in the brain. That's why many people feel tired after using marijuana. 

In addition, both enhance pleasure and focus. So, if your idea of a nice night in is binge-watching your favorite show, get lost in it with a CBD + THC gummy!

Enhances Wellness

Both CBD and THC both exhibit antioxidant-like properties. Antioxidants may help support the body’s ability to repair itself and prevent free radicals from causing more damage. 

It's Fun But Also Responsible 

CBD + THC gummies might promote euphoric effects, especially if you take a higher serving of THC, or consume more than one gummy. 

CBD + THC gummies allow you to monitor your THC intake safely. When you smoke marijuana, you have no idea how much THC is entering your system. A gummy contains a precise serving of specific phytocannabinoids. 

That's why it's so vital that you only purchase CBD + THC gummies from brands that perform third-party lab tests. Cross-reference THC content on the label to what's on the report. 

Then, you can slowly increase your intake to gauge the experience until you reach your desired effects. This type of precision is exactly why CBD + THC gummies are the ultimate forms of personalized self-care. 

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