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Augusta National Golf Club - CBD at The Masters

Posted by David Fletcher on
Augusta National Golf Club - CBD at The Masters

Why do I say there is CBD at The Masters this week? This has nothing to do with Tiger Woods or Bubba Watson. Yet I feel confident CBD usage at the Augusta National Golf Club must be up! Here's why...

Well, I know there's growing evidence to suggest that it can help your golf game - and a number of professional golfers definitely do use it. Of course, taking CBD is not going to stop you from missing putts, but it can improve your sleep, shorten your recovery time, and the calming effect that it offers might just help your golf game.

As a golfer and CBD enthusiast, I have been testing a range of products over the last year or so. Here's my top picks and guide to the best CBD for golfers. 

The Masters Augusta


OCH&W tinctures come in multiple flavors. We had our guest golfer try the Key Lime flavor. Since our guest golfer was not recovering from injury, he followed the recommended advice of taking one full dropper (1ml) an hour before playing golf in the hopes it would keep him loose and relaxed from the first tee to the last putt of the day. 

On his days away from the course, we asked him to take a full dosage before bed to see if it improved the quality of his sleep. And here's what he shared with us. 

He was pleasantly surprised to find his mood and concentration levels improved while taking a pre-round 'hit'. Additionally, when taking our CBD Soft gels before bed, it was noticed that there were less disturbances through the night and the amount of deep and REM sleep seemed like it increased, on average, as well. One thing we should point out is that the usual soreness the user felt after golf persisted, but not nearly as bad. More continued use would enable us to produce more in-depth findings, but overall there was enough there for us to deduce that it would be a worthwhile investment for those looking to play the game for as long as possible and improve their general quality of life.

CBD Body Salves

In my personal opinion, the body salve has the potential to be a real game-changer for an awful lot of golfers. Especially the golfers I’m around here in Ocean City, Maryland.

Why do I feel this way? 

I know my opinion can sound self-serving but this is why we created Ocean City Health and Wellness to begin with! So look, as golfers, we are a worn-out, exhausted, sometimes frustrated bunch of complainers! 

If you're someone, like me, that suffers from various aches and pains… and I mean pre, during and post round aches and pains.. then I honestly recommend giving this muscle rub a try. 

We spent a lot of time creating this formula and let me tell you from my experience as well as a few of my golfing buddies… OCH&W has harnessed the spirit-lifting properties of the hemp plant and many golfers have found that it's very effective in helping ease the symptoms of arthritis, golfer’s elbow, joint pain and back pain.

When applied to the affected area, the CBD works pretty quickly too. Simply apply a thin layer and massage thoroughly into the affected area. 

Once you get into the habit of using it, just like me, you won't ever run out of it!

CBD Softgels

This is one of the most popular CBD Products with our golfers. It seems that the softgels appeal to most golfers, regardless of age and sex. I believe the reason is that they're so simple to take, and easy to make part of your daily routine should you decide to give CBD a try. 

They do take a little longer to enter your system, so the recommendation is that you consume one to two capsules 30 minutes before your round. Once you have it in your system, taking one a day will be enough, but you can always take a second softgel just before your round or like me, take it at the 9th tee so you get its effect on the back nine. That’s when I need it most. 

One of our customers was going to Myrtle Beach for a 4 day golf trip. He shared with me that he knew he would be getting a lot less sleep, be tired, sore, and probably a little cranky. He did this trip every year and that has always been his experience. This time, he had Ocean City Health and Wellness in his bag! He said he slept better, recovered faster, and overall felt “healthier” this time because he was using his OCH&W CBD Softgels and Salve.

I know it can be a little expensive but it comes down to whether you feel it's helpful, and whether those performance benefits - if you get them - are worth that investment. Be sure to try them while we are running a sale or reach out to me directly for a coupon code. Yes, we are in business to make money but more importantly, I want to share the CBD experiences with other golfers just like me. Or you could be like Tiger Woods at The Masters this week … Ice bath in the morning before his round and another ice bath after his round of golf! I get chills just thinking about it!

CBD Sports Cream

Last but not least, the OCH&W CBD Sports Cream. This is my go to for sore muscles and joints not only after my round of golf, but often I use it before my round of golf. I’m finding as I am aging I tend to get sore easier and I am sore longer. This CBD Sports Cream helps me with these issues.

With 400mg of Premium CBD, menthol and camphor, our 4oz pump container is essential for a trip to the golf course, the gym or a day in the garden. The menthol and camphor in the sports cream has an incredible cooling effect. The OCH&W CBD Sports Cream is Broad spectrum. Broad spectrum means our CBD contains a variety of terpenes, cannabinoids, and compounds found in the hemp plant. We extract any THC from our oil so that our Sports Cream products are 0.0% THC. However, you still get the rest of the benefits of the hemp plant!

Golfing or not, if you live an active lifestyle, our CBD sports cream may be perfect for you. People with active lifestyles find relief with our CBD sports cream when it is applied to joints and muscles throughout the day. Our CBD sports cream comes in a convenient four-ounce pump bottle so you can take it with you on the go and apply anytime you need it.

So as you know, there is nothing that says any of these CBD products will work for you. However, I will tell you that they work for me, my family, and many of my friends. You need to try it for yourself. This is why we offer a 30-day guarantee. If you try something and it doesn’t work for you, return the unused portion for a full refund. So feel free to try the quality CBD products offered by Ocean City Health and Wellness… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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