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How to Make the Most of a Midlife Crisis

Posted by Shannon Fletcher on

What comes to mind when you think of going through a midlife crisis? Most people think of dropping their life savings on a hot red sports car or suddenly quitting their job to join the...

What Is Sober-Curious?

Posted by Shannon Fletcher on

It's a lovely evening out. You've got one foot out of the office when your colleagues ask if you’d like to grab drinks. You agree, because…why not? Once in the bar, it’s a flurry of...

How to Shift from Sickcare to Wellcare

Posted by Shannon Fletcher on

When you think about healthcare, what comes to mind? First-aid kits? Hospitals? Surgery? Medications? While these innovative modern healthcare techniques and tools are constantly changing how (and how long) we live, they tend to focus...

Are Your Delta-9 THC Products Artificially Made?

Posted by Shannon Fletcher on

A Delta-9 THC gummy product catches your eye. “Contains 5 mg of Delta-9 THC per serving. Made from Farm Bill compliant hemp." At first glance, everything checks out. Its potency doesn't exceed the maximum legal...

The Difference between Hemp-Derived and Marijuana-Derived THC

Posted by Shannon Fletcher on

The CBD industry is booming and hemp is having a heyday. Legal hemp products are everywhere, and CBD has become an increasingly popular wellness product. In case you haven’t heard, the newest trend in hemp products...