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CBD Gummies

Ocean City Health and Wellness LLC has some of the best CBD gummies that one can try. Our vegan CBD edibles and CBD-infused gummies are a delicious way to experience the array of benefits hemp-derived cannabinoids can offer. 

Our Delta-9 THC Gummies are flying off the shelves. We are producing them as fast as we can so we keep them in stock for our customers that have come to enjoy our high quality THC gummies. We offer our 2.5mg THC Gummy referred to as the "Ocean City Chill Gummy" and the 5mg THC Gummy referred to as the "Ocean City Buzz Gummy". You need to try this non-alcoholic solution to enjoy yourself!

Get a boost of energy with our Passion Fruit THCV formula. Manage stress on-the-go with our Strawberry Lemonade CBD treats. Have an amazing night’s rest with our CBD & Melatonin Sleep Gummies. Or kick back and feel the bliss with our beach-themed CBD + THC gummies.

As a reminder, all of our THC products are 100% LEGAL (Farm Bill Compliant) and do not require a medical card to purchase, SO ENJOY!!!!